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The Policy and Quality Agency (APQUB) is an internal structure of the University of Barcelona created as a management instrument with functional autonomy and organizational flexibility.

Its main objective is to support the governing bodies, centers, institutes, departments, administrative units and other entities of the same University, in the generation of policies in the academic-teaching, research and organization fields, as well as in all processes planning and evaluation for the decision-making of its activity, preparing it for the accreditations to which it must be submitted by different organizations (national and international) and creating evaluation mechanisms, quality and information systems in all areas of action of the College.

The quality policy is specified in: Statute of the University of Barcelona (UB); UB Code of Ethics for Integrity and Good Practices; Transparency Portal; periodic review of quality management systems in the fields of teaching, research and services; The evaluation and external certifications in the fields of teaching, research and services; The management of available human resources. The internal quality assurance system (SAIQU-UB) is a global model of the university adopted by each faculty of the university. The internal quality assurance system (SAIQU-UB) takes into consideration the guidelines for the development of university degrees and master’s degrees to be established by the Ministry of Education and Science, the guidelines of AQU Catalunya as well with the criteria and guidelines for guaranteeing the quality of the Spanish Europe of Higher Education (ESG, 2015). Being a general model, all the faculties have the same documentary structure of the SAIQU: 1) A public quality policy and objectives on its website; 2) An action plan based on an improvement plan reviewed annually; 3) A process map that lists the processes that affect training programs; 4) Process sheets / Specific quality procedures (PEQ) where the processes are described; 5) A data management and storage system (ESPAI VSMA) as a tool to support the operation of the SAIQU and which centralizes most of the data and indicators related to the teaching-learning processes; 6) Public information and account performance.

Quality assurance system also contemplates Quality Service Research; Organization and Quality Service; Quality Assurance in teaching and learning.

Quality Assurance Policies:

The Document of the University Quality policies ;

University Quality policies: