I.O.2 involves the creation of a professor/teacher profile “focused on teaching-learning” with benchmarks and quality levels of performance. It is about building a device that can develop an innovative solution in the direction of “encouraging the acquisition of evidence on the quality of teaching and ensuring that teaching has the same ‘status’ as research”.

Macro-phases of Development

A2.1 A wide-scale investigation aimed at analyzing the expectations/points of view of academic faculty and stakeholders (both within and external to the IS system) towards the characteristics of “teaching-focused” university education.

A2.2 Creating a teaching-focused profile matrix: indicator levels, evidence collected, evidence assessed. Construction of a teaching-focused professor profile matrix: indicator levels, evidence collected and evidence being assessed. An overall and detailed matrix will be created in which all the elements of the profile will converge. This can be “read” vertically on the basis of the levels connected to the quality indicators of teaching, and horizontally based on the functions/role of the “teaching-focused” academic faculty.