Person in charge/Contact Person: Virgita Valiūnaitė
Phone number: +370 698 74454

Siuolaikiniu Didaktiku Centras (SDC) is an NGO, working in the field of formal and non-formal education since the end of 1999. It acts as private, non-profit organization for the improvement of teachers’ and other groups of adults’ (including young adults) competences.

SDC mission – to initiate and implement strategic education development projects and programmes that contribute to the improvement of quality in education, by monitoring, exploring and analysing general state of education, needs and possibilities of Lithuania’s educational institutions and adult learners.

Organisation develops in-service training programs for a variety of adult learners’ groups. The programs are focused on the change of educational content and oriented towards the requirements of Lithuanian and European educational programs, based on the diversity of learning methods and assessment of the teaching process. Specific areas of expertise – critical and creative thinking, literacy (including disciplinary and media literacy), anti-corruption education, modern didactics.

SDC organizes also workshops and study visits, provides trainings, consultancy and expertise service, carries out researches, publishes and disseminates its products.

In the field of European programmes, SDC is currently running/ participating in several cooperation projects under the programme Erasmus+ – KA2 Strategic partnership for the development of innovation. Thanks to these projects, SDC is able continuously research and test innovative teaching and learning solutions in the following areas: educational and social support for children at early school leaving risk, media literacy, disciplinary literacy and socio-emotional learning, teaching quality in higher education, visual creativity and design thinking for young learners. More about projects:

SDC cooperates with schools, adult education centres, universities, youth organizations, other NGOs all over the country and abroad. The organisation is member of several professional networks – Lithuania’s Adults Education Association, LITDEA (Lithuania’s Network for Development Education and Awareness Raising), RWCT IC (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium).

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Quality assurance system

SDC is an accredited adult education centre since 2008*.

As teachers in-service training institution, the quality of SDC activities is constantly monitored by National Education Agency according to the national accreditation rules. The purpose of accreditation – to ensure the quality of institution’s activities and to determine the level of quality of the activities.

SDC has to renew the Accreditation each 5 year by submitting to the experts the comprehensive information and proofs on the achievements in adult education field. In order to ensure it, SDC follows the internal policy of quality assurance – annual evaluation and reflection of its activities in the listed areas:

  • Seminars, courses, lectures and other events;
  • Dissemination of good practice and bank of educational experience;
  • Consulting;
  • Projects and partnership networks;
  • Leadership, personnel management and image building;
  • Planning and administration;
  • Management of in-service training programs for teachers and education support specialists.

The external SDC’s mentoring, consultancy and support is provided by the advisory board, which consist of 5 independent members representing different educational sectors.

* Last Accreditation certificate – No. IVP-12 dated 14-12-2020 (issued according to the Order of the Minister of Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports; Order No. V-1686; dated 04-11-2020).

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