Siuolaikiniu Didaktiku Centras (SDC)

SDC is an accredited adult education centre since 2008*.

As a teachers in-service training institution, the quality of SDC activities is constantly monitored by National Education Agency according to the national accreditation rules. The purpose of accreditation – to ensure the quality of institution’s activities and to determine the level of quality of the activities.

SDC has to renew the Accreditation each 5 year by submitting to the experts the comprehensive information and proofs on the achievements in adult education field. In order to ensure it, SDC follows the internal policy of quality assurance – annual evaluation and reflection of its activities in the listed areas:

  • Seminars, courses, lectures and other events;
  • Dissemination of good practice and bank of educational experience;
  • Consulting;
  • Projects and partnership networks;
  • Leadership, personnel management and image building;
  • Planning and administration;
  • Management of in-service training programs for teachers and education support specialists.

The external SDC’s mentoring, consultancy and support is provided by the advisory board, which consist of 5 independent members representing different educational sectors.

* Last Accreditation certificate – No. IVP-12 dated 14-12-2020 (issued according to the Order of the Minister of Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports; Order No. V-1686; dated 04-11-2020).