Project Coordinator and Contact Person
Prof.ssa Antonella Nuzzaci –

qual.i.t.i. project members (italy)

The University of L’Aquila – Project Leader

UNIVAQ is a public teaching and research institution offering a full range of academic programmes with 7 Departments which provide Bachelor, Master and Ph.D Programmes in the areas of Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Psychology, Economics, Educational Sciences, Sport Sciences and Biotechnologies. Situated in the historical city of L’Aquila, the University offers its over 20,000 enrolled students 69 degree courses (divided between first and second level degrees), 9 research doctorate programmes, specialisation schools and other post-graduate courses and vocational courses. Currently the administrative and technical personnel of the University consists in over 500 staff members and a distinguished faculty of over 600 professors and researchers, many of whom have received international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of research. Moreover, the University also boasts 2 Centres of Excellence (CETEMPS, DEWS) and 3 interdepartmental Research Centres, all known worldwide. UNIVAQ considers international cooperation fundamental to fulfil its participation in EHEA and ERA. One of its aims has been that of becoming a reference point for globalised knowledge in higher education and research through cooperation with universities and research institutions, both within and outside the EU. The “International Project Office” supports academic staff in preparing and managing projects and disseminates results and experiences to all University bodies. The office, in cooperation with IRO, has implemented several International projects in the fields of education, research and cooperation (LLP, international degrees, EMA2, EMA1, TEMPUS, ESF, Italy-France, EC-Canada, Marie Curie, FPs, Life, Interreg IIIA,B,C, IVC, etc.). The internationalisation process has given rise to 6 international degrees, 1 Erasmus Mundus Master degree, 11 Erasmus Mundus Action 2, acting as coordinator in two (target countries in all continents). The university is currently managing (as a coordinator or partner) several FP7/Horizon projects and agreements with institutions from all over the world. The quality of degree courses in all the engineering sectors (energy, building and materials, waste recycling, …) represents a key part of research and teaching and a fundamental topic of public interest in the ongoing phase of reconstruction following the earthquake that hit the city of L’Aquila in 2009.

qual.i.t.i. Project UNIVAQ TEAM

Prof.ssa Antonella Nuzzaci (Project Co-ordinator)

Prof.ssa Lina Calandra
Dott.ssa Emanuela Ciammola
Prof. Francesco D’Annibale
Dott.ssa Liliana Ercole
Prof. Luca Forlizzi
Prof.ssa Maria Vittoria Isidori
Prof. Angelo Luongo
Prof.ssa Lucia Parente
Prof.ssa Assunta Pompili

Vice-Rectors and Contact-Persons

Prof.ssa Alessandra Continenza
Vice- Rector for University Teaching

Prof. Alessandro Vaccarelli
Vice Rector- President University Commission for Disability

Prof.ssa Anna Tozzi
Consultant to the Rector on Internationalisation Policies


UnivAQ Department Heads:

Prof. Walter D’Ambrogio – Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics
Prof. Adriano Filipponi – Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Prof. Angelo Luongo – Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental

Prof. Guido Macchiarelli – Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences
Prof. Guido Proietti – Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and

Prof. Livio Sbardella – Department of Human Studies
Prof.ssa Francesca Zazzeroni – Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences

qual.i.t.i. Project: Univaq Administrative Team


Contact-Person: Dott. Marco Calabrese

Dott. Marco De Luca
Dott.ssa Luisa De Matteis
Dott. Massimiliano D’Innocenzo
Dott. Ilario Luciani

Office for University Teaching
Head: Dott. Amicarelli Alessandra

Teaching Programs Support Office (SUPRODI)

Head: Dott.ssa Luisa Zia
Dott. Antonio Sulli


The SUPRODI Office:

  • Deals with fulfilment and assessment of teaching Programs, based on programming by academic bodies and in accordance with the provisions regarding education planning;
  • Carries out interface and supporting activities with all those involved in the A.V.A. system;
  • Supports the University Quality Control Committee and provides secretarial and reporting duties;
  • Supervises, advises and coordinates the activities of the administrative-teaching secretariats of the university departments in the field of educational planning, in accordance with provisions in force;
  • Maintains relations with local stakeholders involved in university teaching;
  • Promotes and oversees the internationalization the educational programs offered by the university, in particular through the establishment of international double degrees, in collaboration with the international relations office;
  • Handles management, implementation and updating of diploma supplement services;
  • Carries out simulations and sustainability analysis of the educational and training programs offered;
  • Oversees applications for teaching management (planning, logistics and others of competence)
  • Performs statistical processing on student databases for University structures and external bodies
  • Provides technical support for users.


University Quality Control Committee


The QUALITI Project is carried out in collaboration with The University Quality Control Committee. The Quality Control Committee was established in 2013 to coordinate, manage, promote and monitor all activities with the aim of improving teaching and training in our university by activating a practical and efficient system of quality control within all study courses offered. The University Quality Control Committee supervises all quality assurance standards in accordance with the University’s Quality Assurance Policies.

The Quality Control Committee:

  • Defines and proposes a system of quality assurance and self-evaluation/evaluation for all courses offered (First-level degrees, Master degrees, Ph.Ds, etc.)
  • Monitors the implementation of this system in all study courses offered
  • Monitors the teaching and training results obtained making them accessible for internal quality assurance and self-evaluation/evaluation
  • Promotes quality control awareness.

qual.i.t.i. project members (italy)

ilmiolavoro (Italy)

Person in charge/Contact Person: Iole Marcozzi
Phone number: +39 3463538583

Ilmiolavoro is an innovative organisation operating in the field of lifelong learning system since 2014. It aims to support people in their own personal and professional growth. In today’s complex labour market where rules and roles change continuously, ilmiolavoro supports people in reaching a proper condition of personal self-fulfilment. What gets us passionate and inspired is working for a World of “autonomous and connected people”, fulfilled people able to imagine and create the World they desire. People as key players in a society of awareness. Ilmiolavoro promotes and facilitates transformative learning processes in which awareness arises through continued connection with the emerging future. Ilmiolavoro uses a transdisciplinary approach that combines different dimensions. Ilmiolavoro offers customised learning solutions for soft skills by getting in participants “activation and inspiration” essential qualities to grasp opportunities and surf complexity. The approach used combines integrating several learning methods such as Problem-based learning (PBL), Self-Directed Learning (SDL), Competency-Based Educational (CBE), Experience-Based Learning (EBL).

Ilmiolavoro carries out a combined set of training and research services:

  • Social and socio-educational research
  • Creative labs to enhance soft skills
  • Erasmus+ and professional growth for teachers
  • Complex Problem solving
  • Imagination, creativity and sensemaking
  • Skills needs foresight
  • Career planning and management planning
  • Tailored employability courses
  • Teaching entrepreneurship

In the framework of European programmes, ilmiolavoro is currently running several cooperation projects under the programme Erasmus+ – KA2 Strategic partnership for the development of innovation ( Thanks to these projects, ilmiolavoro is able to continuously search and test innovative learning solutions in several fields of actions.

In addition to European projects, Ilmiolavoro carries out several training courses addressed to teachers on topics such as:

  • Planning improvement actions and promoting the culture of evaluation;
  • Tutoring, innovative pedagogies (dialogue learning, debate, creative thinking, project based-learning, imaginative dialogue);
  • Designing and assess learning outcomes according to PDCA cycle;
  • Teaching entrepreneurship competences at school;
  • Quality Assurance and educational actions in the framework of INVALSI (National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education and Training system).

Ilmiolavoro headquarters is based in the centre of Italy but the organisation carries out its activities all over Italy. Moreover, it works at European level by providing training activities in different European countries (Spain, Germany, Norway, Portugal, UK, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey).


Link to the website:

Quality assurance system

Ilmiolavoro srl has its own system of Quality management which it set up on its own.

The policy for quality is based on the following objectives:

  • Focusing attention on customer satisfaction
  • Putting efforts on VALUE creation perceived by customer /beneficiary
  • Continuously implementing NEW SOLUTIONS for the customer /beneficiary
  • Producing KNOWLEDGE with the involvement of all company resources
  • Promoting, for each staff resource, continuous growing processes in COMPETENCES needed to achieve his/her practical goals
  • Improving the company management and the Quality of resources (with a special focus on human resources)

In order to establish how the general objectives are to be reached, every year ilmiolavoro draws up a detailed document for the Quality management system, first and formost for improvement plans. Applying the System for Quality and achieving mentioned OBJECTIVES is the working result of each staff resource in the company. The Quality Handbook, Procedures and Practical Instructions promote the commitment of all staff resources to act in this way.

The Quality handbook describes the approach by processes: beyond the transversal processes for Quality (Planning; managing documents and records; managing resources; monitoring and measuring; time managing; revision by Board), the main processes linked to ilmiolavoro business are the following:

  • R&D in the learning field;
  • Designing (business and calls/EU programmes);
  • Providing and implementing services;
  • customer /beneficiary satisfaction